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The COMPLETE Year-By-Year Jamiroquai Tour History META Year #15 2006

2020.09.22 10:59 JamiroFan2000 The COMPLETE Year-By-Year Jamiroquai Tour History META Year #15 2006

Hello Jamiroquai!
This is the eleventh META post for a new expansive series I have been wanting to do for some time for the subreddit, "The COMPLETE Year-By-Year Jamiroquai Tour History META'! This information will be eventually added to the Jamiroquai WIKI Page in it's entirety in the future but for the time being, it will be a recurring post series.
All of this information is being imparted to us from the Funkin Site fansite, massive thanks to my pal David Rowe for collecting all this important tour information during the nearly past +30 years of the band history, I hope everyone in the Reddit Jamily enjoys this & MUCH MORE TO COME! Cheers Reddit Jamily!


The COMPLETE Year-By-Year Jamiroquai Tour History META Year #15: 2006:


Date Of Gig Country Concert & Additional Info
16 Feb 06 (Thu) Italy, Torino, Piazza Castello, Torino Festival, 2006 Winter Olympics Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Revolution 1993, Little L, Dynamite, Use The Force, Love Foolosophy, Main Vein/Time Won't Wait, Don't Give Hate A Chance, Alright, Deeper Underground. Jamiroquai performed at Piazza Castello, the medals plaza of the Olympic Winter Games in Torino, Italy as part of what organisers called the "Torino Festival". Between 11 and 25 February the medals plaza hosted a "show with the best stars of the international music scene." Other acts performing included Duran Duran and Anastacia.
22 Mar 06 (Wed) Argentina, Buenos Aires, Club Ciudad de Buenos Aires Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, High Times, You Give Me Something, Dynamite, Use The Force, Black Capricorn Day, 2001, Love Foolosophy/Main Vein, Time Won't Wait, (Don't) Give Hate A Chance, Alright, Deeper Underground. This concert was originally announced as being held at the Pepsi Music Stadium in Buenos Aires but was then changed to the 30,000 capacity Club Ciudad de Buenos Aires a few days later. According to the website, tickets sold out within 10 days.
24 Mar 06 (Fri) Brazil, Sao Paulo, Credicard Arena Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Seven Days In Sunny June, High Times, Dynamite, Use The Force, Black Capricorn Day, 2001, Love Foolosophy/Main Vein, Time Won't Wait, (Don't) Give Hate A Chance, Alright, Deeper Underground
25 Mar 06 (Sat Brazil, Rio de Janiero, Claro Hall Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Seven Days In Sunny June, You Give Me Something, Dynamite, Use The Force, 2001, Black Capricorn Day, Love Foolosophy, Main Vein, Time Won't Wait, (Don't) Give Hate a Chance, Alright, Deeper Underground
28 Mar 06 (Tue) Venezuela, Caracas, Poliedro de Caracas Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Seven Day In Sunny June, High Times, You Give Me Something, Dynamite, Use The Force, Black Capricorn Day, Love Foolosophy, Main Vein/Time Won't Wait, Alright, Don't Give Hate A Chance, Deeper Underground
30 Mar 06 (Thu) Colombia, Bogota, Parque Jaime Duque Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Corner Of The Earth, Revolution 1993, Little L, Seven Days In Sunny June, You Give Me Something, Dynamite, Use The Force, Black Capricorn Day, Love Foolosophy/Time Won't Wait, (Don't) Give Hate A Chance, Virtual Insanity, Alright, Deeper Underground. Originally announced as 29 March but was changed to the following day. The venue was originally set to be Rodzio de La Caro, until two weeks prior to the gig the band changed to a much larger venue - Parque Jaime Duque.
01 Apr 06 (Sat) Costa Rica, San Jose, Autodromo la Guasima, Festival Imperial Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Seven Days In Sunny June, High Times, Dynamite, Use The Force, Black Capricorn Day, Love Foolosophy/Main Vein, Time Won't Wait, Don't Give Hate A Chance, Alright, Deeper Underground
05 Apr 06 (Wed) Mexico, Mexico City, National Auditorium Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Seven Days In Sunny June, You Give Me Something, Dynamite, Use The Force, Black Capricorn Day, Love Foolosophy, Main Vein/Time Won't Wait, Don't Give Hate A Chance, Deeper Underground
13 Apr 06 (Thu) United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Dubai Media City Amphitheatre Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Seven Days In Sunny June, You Give Me Something, Dynamite, Use The Force, Black Capricorn Day, Love Foolosophy, Main Vein/Time Won't Wait, (Don't) Give Hate A Chance, Alright, Deeper Underground
22 May 06 (Mon) Spain, Barcelona, Parc del Fòrum, Laureus World Sports Awards (tv) Performed: Cosmic Girl, Space Cowboy, Love Foolosophy. The seventh annual Laureus World Sports Awards, which honours the world's best sportsmen and women, will be held in Barcelona, Spain, from May 20-22, 2006. Laureus TV programming annually attracts an audience of over one billion. Jamiroquai's backing singers (Lorraine, Hazel, Sam) were not present at this performance.
26 May 06 (Fri) Portugal, Lisbon, Rock in Rio Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Use The Force, Love Foolosophy/Main Vein, Time Won't Wait, Alright, Deeper Underground. Jamiroquai are one of the artists performing on the first day of this festival, which takes place over five days. Following the concert, which was streamed live by AOL and broadcast on a number of radio stations around the world, the band headed into a small studio backstage to record some tracks for an AOL "session" where they performed Black Crow and Love Foolosophy.
02 Jun 06 (Fri) Germany, Nürburgring, Rock am Ring Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Black Devil Car, Love Fool, Black Capricorn Day, Alright, Time Won't Wait
04 Jun 06 (Sun) Germany, Nürnberg, Rock im Park No Info
15 Jun 06 (Thu) * Russia, Saint Petersburg, Ice Palace* No Info
18 Jun 06 (Sun) *Russia, Moscow, Olympiski No Info
20 Jun 06 (Tue) Ukraine, Kiev, Palace Of Sports No Info
22 Jun 06 (Thu) Georgia, Tbilisi, Philharmonic Concert Hall, Tbilisi Jazz Festival Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Black Crow, High Times, You Give Me Something, Use The Force, Black Capricorn Day, Travelling Without Moving, Love Foolosophy/Time Won't Wait, (Don't) Give Hate A Chance, Alright, Deeper Underground
02 Jul 06 (Sun) Italy, Palermo (Sicily), Velodromo Borsellino No Info
03 Jul 06 (Mon) Italy, Trani (Bari), Monastero Di Colonna Performed:Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Black Crow, Little L, Travelling Without Moving, You Give Me Something, Use The Force, Black Capricorn Day, Love Foolosophy / Main Vein, Time Won't Wait, High Times, Alright, Deeper Underground
12 Jul 06 (Wed) France, Ile du Gaou, Six Fours, Voix du Gaou festival Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Travelling Without Moving, You Give Me Something, Revolution 1993, Black Crow, Little L, Dynamite, Soul Education, High Times, Black Capricorn Day, Use The Force, Love Foolosophy / Main Vein, Time Won't Wait, Alright, Deeper Underground. The concert was not listed at when the European tour dates were confirmed at the start of June. It was finally confirmed by a few days before the festival.
14 Jul 06 (Fri) Netherlands, Rotterdam, Ahoy, North Sea Jazz Festival Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Revolution 1993, Dynamite, Soul Education, Alright, Travelling Without Moving, High Times, Use The Force, Black Capricorn Day, Love Foolosophy, Main Vein, Time Won't Wait
23 Jul 06 (Sun) UK, London, Victoria Park, Lovebox Weekender festival Performed: (Don't) Give Hate A Chance, Space Cowboy, Revolution 1993, If I Like It I Do It, Alright, Soul Education, Stillness In Time, Hot Tequila Brown, Travelling Without Moving, Use The Force, Black Capricorn Day, Love Foolosophy, Main Vein/Time Won't Wait, Deeper Underground. Jamiroquai headlined the main stage on the second day of this festival, held in East London. Ex-Jamiroquai bass player Stuart Zender was at the festival (performing with Mark Ronson's band) and watch Jamiroquai's performance from the front.
29 Jul 06 (Sat) Portugal, Azores, Festival De Ponta Delgada No Info
05 Aug 06 (Sat) Portugal, Madeira, Madeira Live Festival No Info
10 Aug 06 (Thu) Belgium, Lokeren, Lokerse Feesten Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Revolution, Little L Dynamite, Use The Force, Black Capricorn Day, Travelling Without Moving, Love Foolosophy, Time Won't Wait, (Don't) Give Hate A Chance, Alright, Deeper Underground
12 Aug 06 (Sat) Denmark, Skanderborg, Dyrehaven, Skanderborg Festival The festival is held between 9 and 13 August.
14 Aug 06 (Mon) France, Colmar, La Foire aux Vins Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Revolution, If I Like It I Do It, Little L, Hot Tequila Brown, Dynamite, Use The Force, Black Capricorn Day, Travelling Without Moving, Love Foolosophy, Time Won't Wait, (Don't) Give Hate A Chance, Alright, Deeper Underground
16 Aug 06 (Wed) Switzerland, Avenches, Rock Oz'Arenes No Info
19 Aug 06 (Sat) Switzerland, Littisberg, Open Air Tufertschwil Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Revolution 1993, If I Like It I Just Do It, Little L, Black Crow, Use The Force, Black Capricorn Day, Travelling Without Moving, Love Foolosophy, Mein Vein, Time Won't Wait, (Don't) Give Hate A Chance, Deeper Underground
07 Oct 06 (Sat) UK, London, Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway (tv) Performed: Runaway. Broadcast on ITV1 (UK).
11 Oct 06 (Wed) UK, London (Camden), Roundhouse, Vodafone Live Music Awards Performed: Runaway, Love Foolosophy. Jamiroquai are one of the acts performing at the this awards ceremony.
25 Oct 06 (Wed) UK, London (Camden), Jazz Cafe, BBC Electric Proms Performed: High Times, Space Cowboy, If I Like It I Just Do, Emergency On Planet Earth, Seven Days In Sunny June, Black Capricorn Day, Canned Heat, Use The Force, Traveling Without Moving, Runaway, Virtual Insanity. Announced on 17 September, Jamiroquai are performing as part of the BBC Electric Proms music festival. Tickets could not be bought for the concert and were only available to competition winners and guests. Performing with the band on brass were - Trumpet: Colin Graham, Sax: Finn Peters, Trombone: Trevor Mires. Hazel Fernandez did not perform backing vocals and was replaced by Beverly Brown. The band performed a set to a crowd of approximately 200 people and the gig was broadcast live on BBC Radio 1Xtra.
27 Oct 06 (Fri) UK, London, Abbey Road, Live From Abbey Road (tv) (recording date) Performed: Canned Heat, Love Foolosophy, Travelling Without Moving, Runaway. Jamiroquai recorded a number of tracks for this new UK television show. Celebrating the renowned studio's 75th anniversary, the series will feature performances from a range of new and established artists. The series will debut on More4, ahead of its Channel 4 transmission. The show will have no studio audience or presenter with acts bringing their own engineers and given one day to record the sessions.
01 Nov 06 (Wed) UK, London, T4 (tv) (recording date) Performed: Runaway. Recording and interview - first broadcast on 5 November as part of T4 television show.
03 Nov 06 (Fri) France, Paris, Star Academy Performed: Cosmic Girl, Runaway. Cosmic Girl was performed with one of the contestants from the show, and then later on the band played Runaway.
04 Nov 06 (Sat) UK, London, BBC Television Centre, Strictly Come Dancing (tv) Performed: Canned Heat. Jamiroquai are the musical guest on UK television show "Strictly Come Dancing", broadcast live on BBC television.
05 Nov 06 (Sun) Spain, Barcelona, Operacion Triunfo (tv) Performed: Cosmic Girl. Jamiroquai performed on this television show and were also briefly interviewed.
14 Nov 06 (Tue) UK, London, BBC Radio 2 Ken Bruce show (radio) Performed: Runaway, Little L, Canned Heat, Travelling Without Moving, Love Foolosophy, Cosmic Girl. Live session for BBC Radio 2.
16 Nov 06 (Thu) UK,London, Mean Fiddler Performed: Space Cowboy, Canned Heat, If I Like It I Do it, Little L, Alright, Black Capricorn Day, Love Foolosophy, Travelling Without Moving, Deeper Underground, Runaway. Promotional gig organized by Capital Radio in London.
17 Nov 06 (Fri) UK, London, BBC Television Centre, BBC Children In Need (tv) Performed: Love Foolosophy, Runaway. Jamiroquai were one of a number of acts performing outside the BBC Television Centre in London in aid of the BBC Children In Need Appeal. The performance of Love Foolosophy was broadcast on BBC television later that night.
20 Nov 06 (Mon) UK, London (Camden), KOKO, The Album Chart Show (tv) (recording date) Performed: Love Foolosophy, High Times (not fully performed), Use The Force, Travelling Without Moving, Runaway, Deeper Underground. The band had to stop playing High Times part way through, which I understand was because of a problem with the sound coming from Jay's 'monitor' speakers (the ones in front of him on stage). They had intended to record the song again after their set but in the end they didn't.
25 Nov 06 (Sat) UK, London, Alexandra Palace This was a private gig for employees of the Carphone Warehouse group of companies in the UK.
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2019.12.12 20:51 tv6 Looking for a new truck under $35k

Just looking for a truck for my weekend warrior tasks. Such as picking up wood at home Depot, hauling furniture and other things that I may pickup. I don't need 4x4 but I would enjoy the capability as I like to go to the mountains during snow season. I don't off-road but if I had a 4x4 it would be a good excuse to do so. But it would help on roads washed out. Doesn't happen much but happens.
I test drive the Tacoma TRD Off-road and hate the road drive. Under power and hunting for gears. Looking for a vehicle with Android auto and unfortunately this put me at the 2020 Toyotas since it's a new feature for them. Toyota is not willing to negotiate on the 2020s and only about $1k on the 2019.
I test drove the 2019 Ranger FX4 and really enjoyed the ride. Peppy and smooth. Enough of a bed for me but more would be better. About every feature I could ask for except adaptive cruise control in the trim I looked into. I did test drive the F150, the ride was more truck like but the sticker was above my budget.
I'm thinking about test driving the Silverado Customs. RWD, 4X4 and trail boss. I know the interior is lacking but at least the technology package brings in Android auto. Not due if the jump to LT is worth it.
I'm open to consider A RAM but everyone says to be cautious of their trany.
The frontier isn't bad but super dated and new trucks are priced similar to the ranger.
If anyone has any suggestion lmk. Located in socal
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2019.10.23 13:29 LostAndConfused10269 Is my husband gay?

I’ve recently and not so recently found some things that are completely ruining my world.
My husband has been watching trany and Shemale porn, signed up for some risqué dating sites, and actively talks to men, tranys and women too. The details are quite alarming about what he tells these “men” about his fantasies with them!
I’ve found him on escort sites, and yes again, talking to men.
He used to be on the craigslist personals all the time before they took that site and backpage down.
We’ve been married only a couple of years and in the beginning, the sex was great. Now it’s been months. Like 9?!?
The few times recently that we’ve tried, he can’t perform.
What do you think? Just fantasies or something more?
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2017.03.27 20:12 Matathias The United Siion Nations - the militaristic co-founders of the Core Space Alliance

The Siions represent the brawn of the Core Space Alliance. They control the vast majority of the CSA's military assets, and for good reason - they are under constant attack from their Drakkar neighbors.

Important Worlds

Homeworld Data


The only difference in appearance between Siions and Earthians is the structure of their legs – they have an extra joint below their knee that bends in the opposite direction of the knee. Fully extended, this can put the average Siion at nearly seven or eight feet tall, but the natural position for their legs is to be bent at both knee joints, putting average height between six and six and a half feet.
The Siions’ militaristic nature has also led to the majority of Siions wearing above-the-shoulder hairdos and functional clothing over anything else. This gives the race a slightly more rugged look than others.


Siions have tougher skin and higher pain tolerance than other races. They also tend to have faster reflexes and are capable of thinking faster in the moment than other races, though not as fast as the Citans. This is due to a sort of heightened and lengthened reaction to Adrenaline – however, as Siions have grown more and more powerful throughout the centuries, their “fight or flight” response has been rewritten to more or less just a “fight” response, resulting in the Siions becoming overly aggressive when threatened. Many a Siion has died because they unwisely fought in a situation from which they should have fled.
Otherwise, the only differences in Siion biology from Earthians is to compensate for their legs, which allow them to jump higher and run faster. They also allow them to become temporarily taller, which is an intimidation technique learned at a young age.
The Siion life expectancy is 176 years (250 Earth years).

Date System

As with all other civilizations, each Siion planet has their own calendar based on the planet's day/night and year cycle, while the entire civilization has a standardized calendar to make interstellar relations easier to manage. However, whereas the Nimalians, Earthians, and Taizens base their civilization-wide calendar on their Homeworld's calendar, the entire Core Space Alliance has a single 300-day calendar, known as Standardized Galactic Time (SGT), that isn't truly based on anything. The calendar is not segmented into months, only days and years, with one year having 300 days and each day being 24 hours.
SGT dates are written as YYYYY.DDD
"Sync" Dates:
Earthian YYYY.MM.DD Nimalian YYYY.MM.DD SGT YYYYY.DDD Taizen YYYY.MM.DD Importance of Date
BC 826 5057 6658 1320 Taizens first discover Nimalia
AD 1041 6950 8929 3087 Syraus-Nimalian first contact
AD 2088.07.14 8012.07.12 10205.043 4079.01.30 Beginning of the galaxy-wide Chaos Energy Quake
AD 2100.01.01 8024.03.24 10219.031 4089.10.14 Beginning of Earthian Year 2100
AD 2109.08.07 8034.01.01 10230.236 4099.01.09 Beginning of Nimalian Year 8034
AD 2109.09.12 8034.02.01 10230.272 4099.02.07 Beginning of Rise
AD 2129.08.25 8054.04.16 10255.059 4118.01.05 Beginning of the Key Saga


Siion history has been rife with conflict all the way up to the point of space travel, which happened at around 4000 BC Earth time. Until that point the Siions were split between several different warring nation-states and remained that way until the planet’s resources began showing signs of depletion. After a devastating world war caused by the lack of resources the civilization wizened up and quickly consolidated into a handful of world powers so that they could more appropriately focus on space exploration. After spending almost a century colonizing their solar system they found an inactive Transpace orbiting about one AU out from the farthest planet from the sun and decided to activate it, not knowing what it was. After doing so the ship that was present was suddenly transported to a different system; the Transpace was then quickly exploited to start colonizing this new system.
Not long afterward, Siion scientists figured out that the second Transpace had yet another destination and were able to reach said destination, which was revealed to be yet another solar system. Intrigued by this discovery, the Siions gradually used discovered Transpaces to uncover new ones, expanding their space empire through their Galactic arm along the Transpace route. The discovery of several Interstellar Gates on various different planets through the galaxy assisted in this endeavor, but the Siions weren’t entirely sure how the coordinate system worked and were only able to figure out the coordinates of Interstellar Gates that they had already discovered.
After nearly two hundred years of undisturbed settling among the stars, a Siion scouting team had their first run in with the Drakkars on the edge of Siion space, nearest the Transpace World Gonaan. The scouting team successfully fled from the Drakkars, but not before half their members died and another several had their Ciei stolen. Realizing that this new race was a very real threat, the Siions very quickly began engineering space weaponry and outfitting their ships with said weaponry, as well as significantly increasing their ship production. Sure enough, the Exemplar Drakkars launched an attack on the worlds near Gonaan a mere five years later, leading to the very first Siion-Drakkar war. Eventually, the Drakkars withdrew on their own; the Siions would later learn that the withdrawal was due to a Sursum attack on Exemplar space at the same time. At the time of withdrawal, however, the Siions remained cautious, slowing their galactic expansion and taking care to protect their outer colonies.
After discovering five Transpaces and expanding their empire to cover the gaps, as well as fighting another two wars with the Drakkars, the Siions met the Dra’kis around 4560 SGT, or 2550 BC. This occurred when the Siions exploited the Lehmekarid Transpace and ended up finding a Dra'kis colony at Oriciid'kas. The scouting expedition very nearly attacked and wiped out the colony, but realized just before they did that the Dra'kis were an entirely different race from the Drakkars. Inter-racial dialogues soon began, upon which the Siions learned that the Dra'kis civilization was almost as large and advanced as the Siions themselves - yet had a significantly more diplomatic and peaceful approach to life. The two races then set up a trade coalition, recognizing that banding together would serve them well, especially in light of the Drakkars on the Siion border.
The coalition could not have been formed sooner, for the Drakkars launched their largest offensive yet on Siion space a mere fifty years later. The combined might of the Siions and Dra'kis was barely enough to hold off the Sursum forces, and the Drakkars actually succeeded in taking the world of Egdonikon two years later. The coalition was almost convinced they had lost - but just as the Drakkars closed in on Bowiisen, a Citan scouting party suddenly appeared at the Tau'cen Kii Transpace. The appearance of the new race startled everyone, but the Citans were quickly identified as non-Drakkar and the Dra'kis opened a dialogue with them. From the scouting party, the Siions and Dra'kis learned that the Citans had colonized their own region of space and had had their own run-in with the Drakkars multiple times. In fact, the Citans had created a powerful weapon to help counter the Drakkars - the first Deathnought. The Siions and Citans quickly worked out a deal to use the Deathnought to push back the Drakkars attacking Siion space, succeeding in taking back Egdonikon and fending off the Bowiisen attackers. Soon afterward the Drakkars retreated; elated by their apparent victory, the Siion forces attempted to follow the Drakkars, but found themselves trapped at the edge of Dead Space instead. The fleet quickly turned around and burned their way back toward known space until they could reach Chaos Energy-rich space again; it was during this time that the Siions learned of the differing Drakkar factions and their constant in-fighting by picking up on stray transmission signals. This information was relayed back to the main three civilizations when the fleet returned to known space five years later. Realizing the threat of the Drakkars, and that each of the races could learn and gain things from each other, the Siions, Dra'kis, and Citans banded together to form the Galactic Trade Coaltion - which evolved into the Core Space Alliance two millennia later.
Between the forming of the Galactic Trade Coalition (GTC) and the founding of the Core Space Alliance (CSA), the Siions began focusing on repairing and building up their planetary and interstellar infrastructure. They also began construction on their own Deathnought, which they completed fifty years later. This Deathnought, along with the Citan Deathnought, would serve as the deciding factors when the Exemplar and Sursum Drakkars forged a temporary alliance and attacked the Siions again, leading to a drawn out forty-year war. The Siions rushed a second Deathnought to completion in this time, and with the three Deathnaughts the GTC finally repelled the Drakkars. The ships received so much damage that they had to be decommissioned; the Siion Deathnoughts were scrapped but the Citan Deathnought was prepared as a memorial/museum near Citici. Following the joint Exemplar-Sursum offensive, the GTC reformed into the CSA, adopting Standardized Galactic Time and forming a centralized government for all three civilizations. All three races then began work on designing a second generation of Deathnoughts, eventually constructing one each a hundred years later. These Deathnaughts were the Dakonis Raath, Abroshem, and On'esstin, the same ships that saw action against the Nanocreatures in SGT 10231.
Upon founding the CSA, the three member civilizations decided to establish Oriciid'kas as the seat of CSA power, as it was the system that bordered all three races. The Siions established a second Primary Fortress World in the system, allowing them to more effectively protect Oriciid'kas and affirming their position as the CSA's protectors and enforcers. The new Fortress World, Siionkagh, became the most heavily defended Fortress World in all of CSA space within the mere span of 500 years, while the world of Oriciid'kas shot up into the most populous and wealthiest of CSA worlds in the same amount of time. To this day the Oriciid'kas system is the most heavily defended, yet most prosperous and populous system in not just all of CSA space, but the entire galaxy.
Several millennia later, around SGT 9000, the Siions finally deemed it safe to begin exploring the galaxy again and jumped to the Transpace beyond Bowiisen -- only to find themselves in the middle of an already settled system, Aykowin. The Siions and Nimalians quickly got along, but the CSA had grown confident in their own abilities and did not view the Nimalians as their equal (which was certainly true). As such the Nimalians were not offered a seat on the CSA. The Siions and Nimalians nonetheless opened up trade relations and there has been peace between the two civilizations ever since.


Siions are a militaristic and straight-forward race, often committing themselves to their duties with a rigor that no other race could hope to match. Siions begin education at age 6 and go all the way up to 25, at which time they choose one of three paths – military service, scientific discovery, or public service. Military service is advocated the most and is the most chosen path; when it is chosen a Siion will spend time learning military basics for five years before joining the military police. After 10 to 20 years or a promotion they join the actual military, where they serve for up to 80 years; 120 if they are in top shape or otherwise desire to remain active. Afterward they enter the reserves and take some education in public service to enter the general workforce. If the scientific discovery path is chosen then the Siion will spend ten years in scientific education, and will then become assistants and/or interns for twenty years more. After that they are permitted to enter the scientific community of their own accord and work on their own projects until they die. If the public service path is chosen then the Siion will spend three years learning about the civilization’s infrastructure, and then another two to ten years learning about the profession they wish to take. After their education they will become assistants and/or interns for twenty to thirty years, after which they will enter the workforce on their own until they are allowed to retire at the Siion age of 150.
Favorite Siion pastimes include martial arts, hunting, and sports. Siions are also remarkably honorable and dependable; most Siions cannot even fathom cheating. Cheating and betrayal are regarded as the worst crimes a Siion could ever commit -- cheaters and betrayers are often exiled, usually with extreme prejudice. In fact, cheating and betrayal are considered such taboo that in murder or rape cases the perpetrator is often shamed more for the cheating and/or betrayal they did leading up to the murder or rape, as opposed to the final act itself. Siion crime rates are the lowest in the galaxy due to the civilization’s respect for the law, authority, and rules in general. It also helps that exiles are not considered USN citizens, and thus any further crimes they commit are not accounted for in the official crime rates.
Liberal arts are not considered interesting by the typical Siion, and neither are electronic means of recreation. If presented with a book or story of some kind they will quickly become bored; they only find being active themselves to be entertaining. Watching or reading or listening about fictional adventures is largely considered boring, but if there is truth to the tale then Siions will be significantly more willing to pay attention.
The average Siion will have a small, close-knit group of friends, which usually includes their mate. Romantic relationships aren’t as important to Siions as they are to many other civilizations -- while they do pay their mate more attention than their friends, there is rarely some kind of deep emotional connection between a Siion and their mate that they do not also share with their friends. If you threaten any of a Siion’s friends then they will not take it lightly (the comical day-to-day death threats of Earthians or Nimalians would earn you several deep glares from Siions), and if you actually injure their friends -- emotionally, mentally, or physically -- then they will hunt you down until they find you and exact justice. The Siion legal system explicitly permits this.


Siions are ruled by a Supreme Council which consists of three members: a Chancellor of the Military, a Chancellor of Science, and a Chancellor of the Public. These positions can be held until a chancellor either dies or resigns, upon which a new chancellor will be voted upon by the people in the respective field (ex. if the Chancellor of the Military steps down or dies, then Siions involved in military service will vote for the next chancellor). The three chancellors make all of the supreme decisions that involve the entire civilization, as well as important matters within their respective fields; to handle less important matters, each chancellor has a hand-picked board of six experts from their respective fields that handle different areas of their field. Individual planets generally have their own rulers as well, who serve as authority and caretakers for their own planet yet answer to the Supreme Council.
As of the creation of the Core Space Alliance, the Siions have two supreme representatives, just like the Dra’kis and the Citans. One representative is chosen personally by the Supreme Council while the other representative is voted upon by the entirety of the Siion race. The representative that the Council chooses remains in his seat until he either dies or resigns; the other representative holds his seat for twenty years at which point another election is held for his replacement. Additionally, as the Siions represent the strength of the CSA, they possess the largest space fleet in all of CSA space and act as enforcers for matters that affect the entire alliance.
Because of the Siion race holding honor and truthfulness in high regard, there is remarkably little corruption in the government.


The Siion economy revolves largely around arms trading, though they also make money from martial arts and sports tournaments. Professional athletes earn large sums of money, which they often inject back into the Siion economy through either their respective sport or hunting.
Hunting also earns the Siions slight amounts of money, as licenses to hunt must be bought for a small fee. A Siion can also be charged for over-hunting, though this kind of misdemeanor rarely occurs.
Due to infantry deployments and the Siions’ thriving small arms trade, they use the Interstellar Gate network more than both the Dra’kis and the Citans; as such, they desire a high amount of ‘Gate security. The Citans are easily able to provide such technology in return for weapons, making the Citans and Siions important trade partners. The Siions are also the largest supplier of both small and large arms for the Dra’kis, who mostly pay back with credit and diplomatic favors.
The Siions also receive commissions and favors from both the Citans and Dra'kis for acting as the CSA's protectors and enforcers.

Military Doctrine

Whenever Siions engage in war, they always ramp up into Total War status, gearing their entire civilization towards the cessation of conflict. They show no mercy to their enemies, but they rarely ever “shoot the messenger”, letting him go back to his own side as long as he doesn’t partake in an act of war himself. Siions are also in strong support of a “no man left behind” policy, often risking their lives to save a friend behind enemy lines or to extract P.O.W.s from the enemy. Siions also treat their own P.O.W.s fairly well for prisoners; they never resort to torture except in extreme situations. Siions are also trained to not give in to torture; to give in is considered betrayal, one of the largest taboos of the Siion civilization. As per CSA law, Siions never partake in scorched earth tactics, though their use of glassing is a point of contention with the Dra'kis and Citans.


Siions no longer have a religion -- as a civilization they can be considered very secular. Siions do not believe in the existence of a higher being, nor do they believe in luck or destiny. The only thing that they believe in is their friends, their superiors, and their words, which they will never go back on. This way of thinking originated from the age of Siion space exploration, which, coupled with meeting the Dra’kis and Citans, completely shattered any previous religious beliefs.

Miscellaneous Facts

Notable Siions

Rise (SGT 10230-10231)

Key Saga (SGT 10254+)

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2017.03.13 18:55 DownWithAssad A response to the "Softliners" claiming that the U.S. is the bully in the U.S.-North Korea relationship

It's always about the big, bad MIC or the U.S. not "talking" to North Korea, or Libya, or U.S. imperialism, etc. This is the typical naive assessment by the so-called "anti-imperialists".
The best person to follow on this topic is Joshua Stanton, a North Korea expert who has helped write the extremely-complex sanctions against North Korea.
For 16 years, the United States has publicly refused to engage in direct talks with North Korea, arguing that doing so would reward it for bad behavior. [NYT]
Does the Times have access to Google and a calculator? How can three members of its crack reporting team not know about George W. Bush’s ill-fated 2007 agreed framework or Barack Obama’s even more ill-fated 2012 Leap Day deal? Are ten and five still less than sixteen? (Update: A reader reminds me that I forgot Bush’s 2005 Joint Statement. Also ill-fated.)
These certainly weren’t the first examples of North Korea making agreements and reneging on them, so the Obama administration decided, sensibly enough, that it wasn’t going to negotiate with Pyongyang and offer it valuable concessions as long as North Korea continued to insist it would never denuclearize, and even wrote that into its constitution. To offer concessions under those circumstances would have risked a bipartisan congressional overthrow of its North Korea policy (something that eventually happened anyway).
But to “negotiate” is one thing; to “talk” is another, and for eight years, Obama sent a long stream of envoys to Pyongyang, New York, and everywhere in between to talk to North Korea, to see if a negotiation was even possible. As I wrote recently:
But if you actually research the record, our diplomats have been chasing North Korea for one deal or another for the last several decades. In the last eight years alone, President Obama sent former President Clinton and Stephen Bosworth to Pyongyang in 2009, sent Joseph DeTrani twice in 2012, and sent James Clapper in 2014. In 2011, Bosworth met North Korean diplomat Kim Gye-gwan in New York. Next came the Leap Day 2012 freeze agreement, similar to what engagement advocates call for today, and which Pyongyang reneged on shortly after signing it. Obama tried to send Ambassador Robert King to Pyongyang in 2013, but North Korea canceled the visit at the last moment. There were various Track 2 meetings between former U.S. officials and North Korean diplomats as recently as last year. In the weeks leading up to the first 2016 nuclear test, U.S. and North Korean diplomats discussed the parameters of a peace treaty negotiation, but Pyongyang insisted that its nuclear program would not be on the agenda. As recently as last June, U.S. diplomat Sung Kim met North Korean diplomat Choe Son Hui in Beijing. Mind you, this is just what’s available in the open sources.
Lewis (and Joel Wit, and John Delury, et al.) would probably respond that all of these talks went nowhere because of our stubborn precondition that Pyongyang commit to nuclear disarmament. After all, if the talks aren’t really about disarming them, what are we even talking about? Except that according to the Nuclear Threat Initiative, in 2014, the State Department got Japan and South Korea to agree to “a moratorium on nuclear weapons development” in exchange for “timed infusions of economic assistance and international treaties.” To my eyes, that looks a lot like dropping our preconditions and (given Pyongyang’s history) a de facto recognition of North Korea’s nuclear status. The White House subsequently (sort of) denied this, and because Pyongyang didn’t bite, we never found out whether Congress would have paid for it.
Pyongyang has already broken an armistice, the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, two International Atomic Energy Agency safeguards agreements, an inter-Korean denuclearization agreement, two agreed frameworks (in 1994 and 2007), a 2005 joint statement, a 2012 nuclear and missile freeze, and six U.N. Security Council resolutions.
And then you take into account that North Korea just killed a guy with one of the WMDs that caused the U.S. to invade Iraq, in a crowded airport terminal, in a friendly nation.
North Korea is the first and only country in history to have signed the NPT, use it to steal valuable nuclear technology and intelligence, pull out of the NPT and use the stolen information to build nuclear weapons.
Invading North Korea is practically a no-brainer at this point.
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2017.01.17 04:11 rmma [OFFICIAL] 2016 Best of r/MMA Awards: User and Post Edition

2016 was a fun year for the sub and we wanted to capture the best of it in this set of awards. Our trophy comes in the form of one month of gold for the winners of the following categories.
For reference, the nomination thread can be found here.
Here are the results you've been waiting for!
Best promo video made by a mma member
UFC 205: It's Time made by u/kwozymodo
Nominated by u/thejudicialpenis
Best post
It's just the angle and GSP is huge by u/YouReekAh
Nominated by u/peteygassy
Best submitter
"blonders1 for consistent, fast and high quality GIF production. Honorable mention to JagHarReddit for the same thing." see best meme for sample submission from blonders
Nominated by u/ExpOriental
Most helpful comment
UFC 197 preview: Rewatching Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier 1 [kind of technique stuff + gifs format] from u/tranypanda
Nominated by u/Csardonic1
Funniest comment
The tale of Choi and Conor's mythical origins by u/BlackIronBadger
Nominated by u/Flammableewok
Best troll
major_tom38 nominated by u/ExpOriental
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Best flair given in the Friday Flair Betting Thread
Flair of Death given to u/dada5000ismyhero by u/LiamJBW
Best AMA
Chael Sonnen's
Nominated by u/LiamJBW
Best gif of 2016
This classic
Nominated by u/ExpOriental
Best meme of 2016
Nominated by u/sansmorals
Favorite sub moment
When TranyPanda was unbanned
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Upcoming: the rules for mma have been edited for clarity. We will publish the new rules before they are go live. We are looking at UFC 23 (Shevchenko vs. Peña) for the roll-out date. A 7-day transition period will be in effect.
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2015.06.11 09:11 throwawaysex124 [Advice/Low sexual desire] Sexuality built around gay porn? [22F]

Hi! Thanks ahead of time for reading this. It might be a lot of text! [trigger warning for rape, stalking]
I've been masturbating and such since I was 12 or 13. This only started when I discovered the world of manga gay porn (yaoi) and continued until a short while ago. I could get off to those comics/series, but straight series rarely turned me on, except in writing (manga tends towards a certain dynamic between male/female that I found boring, barely any initiative from the female side at all...).
I also masturbated to fall asleep because it usually took me hours to fall asleep. I did this for years.
Now, to preface the next part; I grew up with a pretty bad fear of men that was based on that I was scared to be born a woman. My mom would tell me very often about how I needed to be more careful because I was a woman and physically weak, and not to go outside if it was even a bit dark, etc. She told me stories of when she lived in the US (I live in the Netherlands now) in bad neighborhoods and slept with a knife under her pillow and got stalked. She tells me all the stories on the news about girls getting kidnapped and raped and I grew to be really scared in my skin. That wasn't her intention, but I am anxiety prone and that was how it ended up.
I still 'dated' some guys briefly through high school, but they turned out to be pre-abusive and my mom was sure to tell me that and remind me of that months and years later. I fell in love with my female best friend for years after that, and I felt really safe in that, even though it was unrequited.
I ended up dating another girl a few years back. It lasted 11 months; but I wasn't very turned on by her; I was turned on by her doing things to me. I was happy though, but we mutually ended it after about a year due to her wanting to travel and be free and stuff. I did feel safe and free dating a girl, I had this idea in my head that I would have to play a certain 'role' dating a guy, and that I would be in danger if he decided to treat me the wrong way.
Now, about two years back, I met my boyfriend. We hit it off, and I felt very, very safe around him, and thought he was cute and attractive. He is a bit androgynous in some ways, which was perfect for me because that is the type of guy I am most attracted to. We started dating and get along great now. I was actually very excited to have actual sexual experience with the male sex, especially after all the m/m porn my sexuality was tranied on! I love touching him, he is a bit of a submissive in bed and I do have a bit of a dominant streak.
I have been so trained around m/m porn, reading about m/m relationships, fantasizing about them... That during sex I don't really feel comfortable in my own skin. I love touching him and doing stuff to him, but when it comes to PIV or touching my breasts I just don't get warmed up to it so easily. Once I spend some time touching him and get wet I like PIV, but I have to focus on him first, it's like my own body turns me off.
I'm really difficult to get off (except for myself) and this makes me self-conscious and lately I barely feel the desire to even orgasm anymore. I thought it's puberty settling down, OR it might be my (low-dose) birth-control pill, but it makes me a bit sad. I usually touch him to orgasm and feel satisfied. If I do decide to try to orgasm when he touches me, I need to go back to my old fantasies (which are OR gay porn, OR some messed up rape fantasies that for some reason are so taboo that they worked for me) but vanilla stuff doesn't do it for me. I can even get off when I imagine doing things to him, but when it comes to focusing on me I get turned off again :( I don't remember how it was when we first started dating, I remember quite some hot moments that focused on me too, so I don't know when this happened... I get turned on imagining I'm a male doing things to him, but when I remember I'm actually female somehow it feels too vanilla for me? I'm just grasping at straws to find the reason. I've been questioning my gender(if I'm not more gender-neutral in my mind) for a while now but I don't mind my female body except for these moments.
What sucks even more that I've had dreams about his older brother having a threesome with the two of us (I do not want these dreams!!!), and he is not really a submissive/androgynous person and that actually -did- turn me on. It's like my submissive and dominant side like different types, even though my boyfriend is dominant in bed sometimes.
I am currently seeing a psychiatrist for anxiety issues and depression, but I'm a bit shy about talking to her about this.
Any thoughts? Advice? It's a bit depressing to have my own body turn me off. :(
Sorry for the wall of text! It's been a long story to explain up to the current situation. Thank you!
EDIT: I want to add that I currently don't read porn or yaoi anymore, or at least down to 1% of what I used to read. I barely even feel the desire to masturbate anymore. I do have an active sex life with my boyfriend, I mostly touch him but sometimes we do have intercourse (and I do enjoy it once I get into it).
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2014.11.26 22:43 Sodacota Chris & Ryan: The Tuesday Before Thanksgiving

SUNDAY-NOVEMBER 23/2014 Well this story starts off with Chris and Ryan trying to scrape up cash for a few grams. "Let's rake." I try to convince Ryan. "I can borrow money" Ryan said. That went on for a while till Ryan said "You're gonna love my girl now." "Why?" I was assuming he meant the girl he was banging was hot. "She's bringing 5Gs." Holly shit! That's a lot of fucking weed! "Yes! Tell her to bring a friend." I wrote back shaking I was so stoked about the weed. "I texted her." Ryan wrote back. I kept trying to figure out who she was bringing cause his girl was an 8 so I was expecting at least a 7. By the way he's not dating this chick he's just banging her. "Does Donna work for you?" I looked her Facebook up and she's an 8. I was pretty stoked cause tomorrow was Monday. MONDAY-NOVEMBER 24 After all the boring school shit, we walked up to the mobile to pick up condoms which took for ever because 5 people decided we were interesting that day. But Monday wasn't anywhere near as weird as Tuesday. TUESDAY-NOVEMBER 25/2014 This was one of the single most disturbing, funny, and scary day of my life. It starts after school walking to Ryan's Girl's house. "So there's no weed!" "She couldn't get it." Ryan says. "Fuck, and Donna isn't coming?" I'm pissed at this point. We get to her house and meet her, Jennie, her sister who's a pathological lier who ruined my Tuesday, Tina, and their trany mom who also fucked up our day of dank. There were other people who came so Ryan and I went to the comic book store for an alibi but then our buddy Christian was riding his bike to Jennie's. We texted him, told him to come back around and meet us by the "pit" (a place where people smoke weed). We reached the pit with Christian, "This kid won't stop talking about weed." Ryan complained. "Yeah, weed I'd awesome." Christian said. "Thank you! It's as if Ryan doesn't want to smoke!" I was riled up. Then we walked up to a rock. "What's going on?" "I was rolling with Tyler and shit here when cops pulled in. I smacked it down, and kicked it under the skate board. The cops found the bag and handed it back to me and told me to throw it out." Christian said. "So you got away with just a slap on the wrist!?" Ryan shouts. "Yeah!" Christian is laughing. "So do you have weed?" I'm desperate at this point. "It's down there." Christian gets on his knees searching for weed. "I don't think you're gonna find anything." That's when got it, Christian picked up a little piece. Dank filled my nose so I dropped on my knees searching. Christian looks around when a car drives by the road near. "The cops aren't coming!" Jennie shouted. "Wait, what is that white shit on the rock?" Then the smell of bleach hit me. "Oh god that's jizz!" I stepped back. "I don't care, I'll smoke the cum weed!" I yell. "That's fucked." Ryan says. "Someone must've been or they just jacked off on it." After a while we found a gram. "What are we going to smoke with?" Ryan asks. Everyone walked over to the edge of the pit wondering what we're going to smoke with. "Wait, my bag!" I ran back to the jizz rock and go to pick up my bag when it hits me. It's a book bag... with books! "Guys! I know how we're going to smoke it!" I pull out the Hobbit book from English class. "We'll rip out the back page with nothing on it!" We ripped the page out, Ryan pulled out his binder to roll on. "Does anyone know how to roll?" No one says anything "I guess I'll do it." Christian gets on his knees and starts rolling. "This is fucking hard." "No it's not." Jennie said. "You wouldn't know." I said. "Yeah I would I watch my brother do it all the time." "Then why the fuck am I doing it!" Christian gets up Jennie replaces him. She rolled it, Christian got first smoke, then Ryan, me, Jennie. Afterwards we headed back to Jennie's place. Christian had to go. "So we're getting more." I'm misty not to high. Tina keeps yelling, swearing and hitting me. Then Tyler got there. "Yo!" Tyler and Ryan are pretty close friends. Tyler, Tina, and I went upstairs. "I'm starving" here comes the munchies. "Me too." Tyler was more sober then me. "I know where there are some doughnuts." Tina said. "Alright where are they?" Tyler was thinking the same thing. "You'll have to find them." So she sends us on a hunt for doughnuts. We got pissed and stopped looking and she got bored and went down stairs while Jennie and Ryan were banging, and she knew this. We chased her and brought her back upstairs. We did a lighter trick and made her think we had fire in our hand (which I highly doubt she believed it she was lying) so she wouldn't go downstairs and for added fun we asked where the doughnuts were. She started crying like she was getting murdered. Then, this is the best part, tried to kill her self. We stopped her then Ryan and Jennie came up. Ryan picked her up and calmed her down and we explained what happened. After 10 minutes everything was OK we all were relaxed, talking about getting some weed from upstairs then the trany walked in (a.k.a. the mom) and Tina bursted into tears saying we tortured her. So we got up and left as fast as we could. We texted Jennie trying to get the weed. "Ryan, you're gonna have to find a new girl to fuck." I tell him. She writes "Go to the next block" to hide because the trany was leaving with Tina. Ryan tried to go in after and get the weed with Jennie but the weed was locked away. So I had my mom pick us up at the gas station and we went to Ryan's house. Well, if you enjoyed this edition of Chris & Ryan please rate, and comment. See you next time we do something stupid!
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2014.08.06 23:45 andyneerg Here is my setup for the Tarot Ironman 650

This is my setup for the 650 I have built and sold over 50 Tarot 650's to date and this is the best combo I have found. not the cheapest. remember you get what you pay for if you want a supper stable very reliable multi it cost some money. here are some pics and tips. *
*Specs: *Tarot 650 frame *extra set of 650 center plates *2-450mm x 10mm carbon tube camera rails *2- large Tarot battery holders *1- small Tarot battery holder *2- Tarot Gps mounts with clamps *Sunnysky 3508 700kv motors *12" props apc multirotor props. *Afro 30amp esc reflashed for pancake motors *Naza lite FC *2- 30c 5200mah batteries *Tarot gimbal I get just over twenty minutes of flight time with this setup and have not had one complaint since I started selling this combo. Paired with the Tranis It retails for $2,435.00 it will cost you about $1,200 Us to build with everything except Go-Pro
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